Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex) is a Canadian owned and operated business that has connected patients to health informatics systems for more than 40 years. Every year, we provide the proper identification of over 10 million Canadian patients to ensure their safety during their hospital stay.

We ensure patient safety through effective patient identification, and make it easy to manage your patient links—while always staying secure and affordable. And, we continuously improve and iterate based on robust feedback and analytics gathering.

We began as a small company improving business processes in the healthcare sector. We continue to leverage technology and data to improve the patient experience. Our evolution has led to the creation of solutions that cultivate patient connections with ease, security and no errors. We are leaders in patient connection solutions that contribute to positive patient engagement.

We’re defining where patient connections are going.

By understanding the needs of your departments and the patient journey, we look for new ways to build better patient connections for our clients. Our experience and willingness to disrupt convention enables us to define the next practices—using our analytics and feedback to iterate, grow and prove success.

We’re a strong team, with the experience and expertise to deliver the best solutions.

We offer our clients the knowledge and understanding they’re looking for to ensure holistic patient connections that are best-in-class, value-driven and focused on safety—to make their jobs easier and enhance the patient experience they are building.

We’re a technology company.

We use technology to rethink and rework how we can build the best connection and identification solutions by including the features that matter to our clients—for their patients and other stakeholders. Our user-centric focus allows us to leverage analytics and feedback to drive ongoing development.