For over 40 years, Medirex has been implementing patient ID solutions connecting patients to health informatics systems (HIS) in health care facilities. The HIS is designed to track activities back to a patient. They are very effective at doing so in a digital manner via electronic record but there still needs to be a mechanism that identifies the patient on the floor. The first step towards patient safety is patient identification. Successful patient engagement really begins when someone is first identified as a patient.

The HIS is built to connect the patient around a one size fits all format that is true in the digital sense, but is not realistic on the floor. The good news is that Medirex can work in all HIS environments. We recognize the design needs unique to each treatment area of a hospital and make it very easy to customize patient connection solutions to suit the environment. Our custom solutions, include wearables, labels, software, design services and forms or any combination of the above, and are designed to fit within existing budgets.